Console Games – Getting Active

When Sony first launched the PlayStation nobody would have though that it would spark the gaming revolution that it has. Today it’s a billion dollar industry and gaming is huge. Its the number one form of entertainment and has overtaken sport and movies as an entertainment activity. With the latest advances in technology the games are more realistic, more interactive and more engaging than ever before.

One of the greatest advances in gaming technology is interactive controls. While the first generation of console games only used a joystick, the second generation introduced a technology that is set to transform games forever. When Nintendo Wii first came out with their Wii Controller it was nothing short of a technological breakthrough. For the first time the joystick broke free from the coach and the use now had the ability to interact physically with the game.

This shift from passive gaming to active gaming is a big one; one that many people are praising for many reasons. Firstly, it gets you off the couch and it gets you moving. Gaming is no longer passive but its interactive and you need to move to play. The Wii Fit uses the technology in many different “games” to help people get fit and lose weight.

With so many people complaining about games and how it keeps kids from being active, this truly is a revolution in gaming. While the Wii was great it still left the vast majority of gamers out of the loop. That was until Xbox launched the Kinect. Like the Wii, the Xbox Kinect uses motion capture technology to allow gamers to interact physically with the game. Although its very late, Sony PlayStation just came out with their version called Move which means that all 3 the big names in gaming now has interactive technology.

One thing is for certain and that is that games are getting much more interactive and the ability to interact physically with a game has so many positive possibilities. Not only are games getting better but it will actually bring something very positive to the gaming experience.

The fact remains that this technology is still in its infancy. It has huge potential and the need for more interactive gaming is likely to drive this to even greater heights. Who knows where it will end but the great thing is that gaming is no longer for the passive gamer. It compels you to get off the coach and start moving.

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